We have moved back to being open with our normal hours. The office is currently seeing plenty of well visits as well as few sick visits or we can set up appointments through Telehealth. If visiting the office we will have gloves and masks for anyone who may need them. Please practice good hygiene and avoid big crowds. Check back on our web page for any updates. Thank You Pediatrics 21!

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Our Office preparedness for the Ebola virus


 Infection control is an integral part of the Pediatric office.

 All our staff has been educated about exposure to body fluids and secretions and proper prevention of the infectious diseases. We are aware about the emergency of the different threats than usual of our environment such as Ebola Virus, Enterovirus D68, MRSA, flu infections etc.

 We do:

1.       Hand washing

2.       Barrier precaution when indicated

3.       Proper Handling of sharp instruments and hazardous material and proper disposal of the same

4.       Waiting area rules ( very sick and an immunocompromised child immediate transfer to separate  room,  baby not to wait in waiting room )

5.       Regular washing of toys

6.       Cleaning of floors and furniture

7.       Cleaning of exam rooms after each patient visit

8.       Sterilization of the equipment and instruments

9.       Cleaning of personal instruments

10.   Immunization of the personnel and  watching the health status of all staff

11.   Questioning  about travel or contact with the person who has been traveling

 About Ebola virus:

Please see this excellent article from NEW YORK TIMES about the Ebola virus and its presence in USA.

Ebola Facts: When Did Ebola Arrive and Spread at a Dallas Hospital?

UPDATED OCT. 16, 2014

 In Summary:

The Ebola virus is an endemic for Africa. The outbreak started in West Africa, and so far we do not have any case of a person infected of Ebola in PA. In the beginning of the infection with Ebola the symptoms are very similar to any other disease, so information about travel and the contact with person who was abroad, and potentially was in contact with Ebola virus is very important.

 In a case of the nationwide infection spreading, everyone sick should be directed to the nearby hospitals-ER , such as The Commonwealth General Hospital and The Geisinger Medical Center.

“There is no risk of transmission from people who have been exposed to the virus but are not yet showing symptoms.

 Ebola spreads through direct contact with bodily fluids. A cough from a sick person could infect someone who has been sprayed with saliva, underlining how contagious the disease is once symptoms set in.”

 If you have any other question, please contact us.

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